Her fight and fury is fiery
Oh but she loves
Like sleep to the freezing
Sweet and right and merciful
I’m all but washed
In the tide of her breathing

And it’s worth it, it’s divine
I have this some of the time.

The way she shows me I’m hers and she is mine
Open hand or closed fist would be fine
The blood is rare and sweet as cherry wine.

Tonight’s sleepy song

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Be careful who you call your friends. I’d rather have 4 quarters than 100 pennies

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This has been my favorite quote since 9th grade

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as a female, i don’t understand the need for huge diamonds as engagement rings. why would you want a downpayment on a house just sitting on your finger?

Me either. I mean that’s not even the reason, I just don’t find them flattering at all.

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I’m tired of trying to fill up my empty spaces with things I don’t need and people I don’t like. Beau Taplin (via melisica)

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